Fine Tuning Your Resume: 4 Tips

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Filling out applications can become a mundane process. Attaching your resume to thousands of applications gets boring too, especially if you are lacking replies. One way to increase your chances of getting replies to your applications is by tailoring your resume to the job you are applying for. So what does it really mean to tailor your resume? The Muse is here to help with that question. Here are 4 tips to help you tailor your resume to potential jobs.

1. Actually Read and Try to Understand the Job You’re Applying For
It always helps to fully understand the job you are applying for. Sit down and read the job description. As you are going through, highlight points that seem important as well as points that you could speak to with your experience and skills. Doing this will not only make you sound more prepared, but actually be prepared and will make you come off as more confident.

2. Make Your First Point Immediately Relevant
Once you know what the hiring manager will be looking for, locate the experience that would excite him/her the most and rework your resume so it sits at the top. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t the most recent thing. Tailoring your resume means finding out what is most relevant, creating a section for it and highlighting it so that your resume will catch a hiring manager’s eye.

3. Revamp Your Bullets Even for Less Relevant Experiences
Even though you have listed all your most relevant information at the top, you don’t want to brush off everything else. Instead, you need to pull out any relevant information out of the other experiences in your bullets. Try and highlight any soft skills that a previous position and your desired position may have in common.

4. Check to See if It’s Clear Why You Are Applying
Finally check to see if you have made it clear as to why you are applying. To do this, have a friend or mentor try to see if they can explain why you’re interested in the position just based on reading your resume. If they can’t tell why, then there might be a need for some more tailoring.


Posted on : 21 Feb 2015 8:41 PM

1 am a 1L with many years' experience as a legal assistant.  My condensed resume is two full pages.  Do I really need to cut it down to one page?  How do I choose what to cut out?

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