Are you a job hopper? Here's how to be good at it

Posted on 01-20-2015 by
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We all have that “dream job”. It’s a goal we have for ourselves and in order to achieve it we have to take steps. Chances are our first job out of college was not our dream job and we probably aren’t still at that same job today- we have a different job. Over our lives we’ll have worked multiple jobs, but while we hope that each job draws us closer to our “dream job”, we don’t want to become a bad “job hopper”.

So how can one be a good job hopper? The Ladders gives us 4 ways to be a good job hopper:

1. Don’t Over-Hop
If you are switching jobs every few months, recruiters will think you can’t or won’t stick around through the tougher times. It’s a good idea to stay somewhere for at least two years; this will show that you are willing to devote time to each position.

2. Explain Yourself
If you have shorter stints on your resume there is a good chance recruiters will ask about it, so have be prepared to explain your reasoning. Be sure to be honest and concise, but be positive about past employers (even if it wasn’t a good experience).

3. Stay on a Steady Track
If your resume seems scattered future employers may question your commitment to your career. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have regarding your jumping around. Try to have related jobs or jobs that require the same set of skills.

4. Don’t Burn Bridges
Past employers are a big part of your professional network. You might need their help in the future, when looking for a reference or for consideration for a new position in an old company. Maintain healthy relationships with past employers and colleagues after you have left a company. You can do this by giving plenty of notice when you leave and keep things civil.


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