Looking for a better career? The top 10 LexTalk articles of 2014 to help you with your journey.

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Tags: career advancement , Upgrading Your Skills

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to improve your career or change jobs altogether, these tips are sure to help. Below, in no particular order, are the top 10 most-read articles of 2014. Jump-start your career in 2015 by checking out our most popular articles of the year.

6 preventative steps to avoid embarrassing yourself/your law firm on social media

These are just some ways to ensure your social media activity is truly putting your best foot forward – rather than in your mouth. Here are some tips to help avoid social media regret. Read on >>

Answering those tough interview questions

How do you answer that question out of left field (or even one you might have expected, but were dreading)? Read on >>


Avoid these 3 traps that make great leaders poor decision makers.
Everyone occasionally makes a poor decision, but why do we make them? Two knee-jerk rationalizations for poor decision-making include the severe time pressure we are all under or that we didn’t have access to all the important information (unless we are explaining this decision to our boss and then it is often someone else’s fault). Read on >>

Ballooning your law firm's clientele by leaping into LinkedIn
Learn how Jonathan, an attorney who found success using LinkedIn. Jonathan landed his current job using LinkedIn and offers numerous pieces of advice for those who may be looking for a job or just want to learn how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. Read on >>


Boost your firm's social media marketing by using the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle)

While there is no magic formula to increase your followers on social media – and subsequently increase conversions – there are general guidelines that can boost your social presence, and build community around your brand. One of the most important of these guidelines is known as the 80/20 social marketing rule. Read on >>


‘Business Casual’ & other ‘Dressing’ Dilemmas

What are those best practices on attire in the office as a summer associate? Learn how to tackle the tough decisions to be made around “what to wear” out of office events. Read on >>


Looking for Work? 7 Tips for a Remarkable Résumé

Building a resume can be a daunting task, and you'll have about 10 seconds of the hiring manager's attention once it's in his or her hands. Here are 7 Tips for a Remarkable Résumé to get noticed in 2015. Read on >>


Managing your livelihood like a millionaire - 5 ways millionaires approach their careers
How do millionaires approach their careers? Learn how to get started like a millionaire with these 5 ways the highly successful approach their careers. Read on >>


Some law schools now aiming to educate students as attorneys + entrepreneurs

What are law schools doing to stay competitive in today’s market? According to this article, different law schools are giving students a brighter future by providing them with a more “well rounded” experience in business and entrepreneurship. Read on >>


What are the best pieces of professional advice for students who want to practice the law?
For all too many law students, the useful legal advice presented to them from their professors may now include yadda, yadda, yadda and yappity, yapp, yapp. Find out the 7 good pieces of advice given to law students by law professors. Read on >>

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