104 social media/marketing statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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As we slowly approach the New Year a day at a time we are constantly reminded of the events and trends that occurred in the current year. So what goes best with new trends? Statistics! (I know it may not be everyone’s first choice, but they do make a good couple) According to Business2Community, here are some of 104 social media/ marketing stats of 2014 (and 2015):

General Marketing

  • People want to be in control of the content they receive:
  • 86% of people skip TV commercials.
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened.
  • 91% of people have unsubscribed from company emails they previously opted into. (NewsCred)
  • 72% of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. (NewsCred)
  • Nearly half (46%) of people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company. (NewsCred)
  • 71% of companies planned to increase their digital marketing budgets this year, by an average of 27%. (Econsultancy)
  • 67 percent of marketers say increasing sales directly attributable to digital marketing campaigns is a top priority this year. (Forbes)

Online Demographics

  • The Google+ platform has 67 percent male users. (Rocket Post)
  • There are 76 million millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) in the U.S. — 27% of the total population. (leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal)
  • 63% of millennials have at least a bachelors degree. (leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal)
  • 63% of millennials say they stay updated on brands through social networks; 51% say social opinions influence their purchase decisions; and 46% “count on social media” when buying online. (leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal)
  • 89% of 18-29 year-olds are active on social media, as are 43% of adults 65 and older. (Jeff Bullas)

Content Marketing

  • B2B content matters. 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. (Corporate Executive Board)
  • By 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. (Target Marketing)
  • Not all content has to be original. 48% of marketers curate noteworthy content from third-party sources weekly (this post is an example). (Design & Promote)
  • 62% of companies outsource their content marketing. (Iconsive)
  • $118 billion was spend on content marketing last year. (NewsCred)


  • 34% of Fortune 500 companies now maintain active blogs – the largest share since 2008. (Forbes)
  • Each month, 329 million people read blogs. (NewsCred)
  • 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type for marketing. (NewsCred)
  • Companies that publish new blog posts 15+ times per month (3-4 posts per week) generate five times more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all. (NewsCred)

  • 17% of marketers plan to increase blogging efforts this year. (Forbes)

Visual and Video Marketing

  • Pinterest grabs 41% of the ecommerce traffic compared to Facebook’s 37%. Food is the top category of content on Pinterest with 57% of its user base sharing food-related content. (Rocket Post)
  • 16% of marketers plan to increase efforts on Pinterest this year. (Forbes)
  • The use of video content for marketing increased 73% this year; use of infographics grew 51%. (Digital Marketing Philippines)
  • Articles with images get 94% more views than those without. (NewsCred)
  • Posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as plain text posts. (NewsCred)


  • 81% of B2B purchase cycles start with web search, and 90% of buyers say when they are ready to buy, “they’ll find you.” (Earnest Agency)
  • More than half (53%) of marketers rank content creation as the single most effective SEO tactic. (NewsCred)
  • 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation. (NewsCred)
  • Organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, compared to 1.7% for outbound marketing leads. (NewsCred)
  • 33% of clicks from organic search results go to the top listing on Google. (Social Fresh)

Social Media Marketing

  • 85% of B2B buyers believe companies should present information via social networks. (Iconsive)
  • And yet – only 20% of CMOs leverage social networks to engage with customers. (Marketing Land)
  • Marketers will spend $8.3 billion on social media advertising in 2015. (NewsCred)
  • “Interesting content” is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media. (NewsCred)
  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content. (NewsCred)

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook accounts for 15.8% of total time spent on the Internet. (Rocket Post)
  • 71% of online adults use Facebook. 63% of Facebook users visit daily and 40% visit multiple times per day. (Heidi Cohen)
  • More than a third (36%) of online adults use only one social networking site. Of these, 83% use Facebook. 8% use LinkedIn. (Heidi Cohen)
  • One million web pages are accessed using the “Login with Facebook” feature. (Jeff Bullas)
  • Nearly a quarter (232%) of Facebook users login at least five times per day. (Jeff Bullas)

LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn is the top social network for B2B marketing (not a shock). 83% of marketers say they prefer to use LinkedIn for distributing B2B content, and more than half of vendors say they have generated sales through LinkedIn. (Real Business Rescue)
  • The average time spent on LinkedIn per month is 17 minutes. (Rocket Post)
  • 91 of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for candidate searches. (Rocket Post)

Twitter Marketing

  • The average time per month spent by users on Twitter is 170 minutes. (Rocket Post)
  • Only about half of the people who log in to Twitter once a month are actually taking the time to tweet. The rest are lurkers. (Rocket Post)
  • Ironically, the most-followed brand on Twitter is…Facebook, with more than 13 million followers. Google is #3. (AllTwitter)
  • eBay is the most engaging brand on Twitter. Starbucks is the fourth-most-engaging, and also has the fourth highest number of followers of any major brand. (AllTwitter)
  • Not a shock: retailers and restaurants are the most engaging industries on Twtitter. Surprising: apparel brands are the least engaging. (AllTwitter)

Google +

  • 18% of marketers plan to increase efforts on Google+ this year. (Forbes)
  • There are now over 1 billion Google+ accounts, and that figure is growing 33% per year. (Jeff Bullas)
  • Google+ has 359 million monthly active users. (Jeff Bullas)


  • There are nine times as many marketing emails sent each year as direct mail pieces delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. (Mark the Marketer)
  • Email marketing delivers the highest ROI (about $44 per dollar spent, on average) of any digital marketing tactic. SEO is #2. Banner ads have the lowest ROI. (Mark the Marketer)
  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an e-mail marketing message. (Mark the Marketer)
  • Email subject lines matter. Really. 64% of people say they open an e-mail because of the subject line. (Mark the Marketer)
  • Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened. For B2C emails, the words “Alert,” “New,” “News,” “Bulletin,” “Sale,” “Video,” “Daily,” or “Weekly” (though not “Monthly”) all increase open and click-through rates. (Mark the Marketer)

Mobile Marketing

  • 94% of CMOs plan to use mobile applications within the next 3-5 years. (Marketing Land)
  • 75% of smartphone owners watch videos on their phones; 26% at least once per day. (NewsCred)
  • Over half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. (Rocket Post)
  • 78% of Facebook users are mobile-only. (Rocket Post)
  • E-mail is the most popular activity on smartphones among users ages 18-44. (Mark the Marketer)

To find more statistics you can read the entire list here.

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