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Searching, browsing and setting up alerts to stay on top of your favorite Mealey’s™ topics and litigation reports is simple using Lexis Advance®.

1. To browse Mealey’s titles of interest to you, select the Browse option from the Lexis Advance home page and then select sources > by category > Legal News.


2. As you jump to the next page, scroll down to the ‘Publisher’ pod located on the left side of your Lexis Advance screen and select Mealey’s Publications.



3. Next, you will see a list of Mealey’s publications – listed in the main screen. Find a title that interests you.




Helpful Tips

1. Add Source As A Search Filter: From the pull-down menu, you have the ability to include this source as a filter for your search. Once you add a source as a search filter, you will see a brief message at the top of your screen indicating the publication/source has been added as a filter.



2. Create a publication alert: To be proactively notified when a current Mealey’s title has been updated, choose Create a publication alert from the pull-down menu; then, choose the options that best suit you, including the duration, delivery type, format and frequency. You can also access your alerts in the Alerts pod on the Lexis Advance home page.


3. Get Documents: Click Get documents to get all articles in this publication; then, use the filters under Narrow By (highlighted below in green) to find exactly what you need. And / or use the Sort by pull-down menu on the right, to view documents in the order you need—by title, jurisdiction or date (highlighted below in yellow).


4. Search Relevant Mealey’s Titles: You can easily search any or all Mealey’s titles for information on a specific topic. From the Lexis Advance home page, enter your search terms in the red search box, click the Filter pull-down menu and select Category > Legal News. Another option is to enter a Mealey’s publication name in the search box (being sure to include the apostrophe in the spelling), then narrow by source.


5. Filter Results: Once you’ve run your search, you can work with and filter results just as you would after any Lexis Advance search. For example, click Source (see left) and narrow to one or more Legal News sources (Mealey’s titles outlined here). To select more than one, click Select Multiple.


6. Save a publication as a favorite search filter: It’s easy to designate a specific Mealey’s publication as a favorite search filter—singly or in combination—by clicking the star below the publication source filter(s).

7. Save work in an online folder: You can also save your work with Mealey’s titles in a folder to organize it for future reference. Just click the Add to Folder pull-down menu, select a folder, save the document(s) or results list(s) and add notes to preface the document, if desired.


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