Black Friday: A Business Boon for Lawyers

Posted on 11-25-2014 by
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Looking for some holiday danger? Go out shopping on Black Friday. The once crazy tradition has turned into an unofficial holiday in and of itself. Many workers in the retail business dread working this day as it is the most hectic day they may work. While their day may be busy, there are unsung people who happen to be busy on this day as well. Who, you may ask? – Lawyers. According to an article on University of Miami (FL) Law Review, here are a few types of cases lawyers will be overwhelmed with on this hectic, crazed holiday and examples of each (if provided):

1. Personal Injury (Person vs. Person)

Case: None

These cases will be prevalent on Black Friday as shoppers have proven in the past to do anything to get the item their looking for, including pepper spraying others.

2. Retail Stores (Person vs. Store)

Case: Aylward v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 2011 WL 2357762 (D.N.J. 20011)

This case revolved around an employee who was injured and died in a car accident on his drive home after a 22-hour shift. Retail stores garnered unwanted attention after a famous tragedy in 2008 where a Wal-mart employee was trampled by an excited crowd. It would lead to OSHA creating “crowd management” safety guidelines for planning sales, setting up, and emergencies.

While there are other cases which revolve around Corporate Law, Civ. Pro and Online Shopping, the two above seem to be the type of cases that occur most frequently. If you’re crazy enough to brave the unbelievable that is Black Friday shopping, I wish you the best and hope that you aren’t a part of some lawyer’s newest case.

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