‘Vape,’ ‘hot mess,’ and ‘cray:’ Or words that you will never find in a legal dictionary … ever!

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As you may already be aware, the word ‘vape’ was recently chosen as the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year for 2014 (placing the 2013 word ‘selfie’ on the proverbial shelf). While ‘vape’ is a respectable word for 2014, I didn’t know what else was in the running. Did ‘vape’ surpass a highly, more respectable word?

It turns out that ‘vape’ was probably the most respectable word on the list (in my opinion). Thanks to this article available via OxfordDictionaries.com, I was able to find the complete offering of words added to the Oxford English Language Dictionary this year. Below are a few of my favorites along with a ‘slang’ expression (in my words).

1. amazeballs, adj.: (informal) very impressive, enjoyable, or attractive

  • The superlative of ‘amazing!’

2. binge-watch, v.: (informal) watch multiple episodes of (a television programme) in rapid succession…

  • Thanks to Netflix, "binge-watching" has been made possible.

3. cray, adj. (also cray cray): (US informal) crazy

  • Can also be used in succinct succession, as in "She is so cray, cray!"

4. hot mess, n.: (US informal) a person or thing that is spectacularly unsuccessful or disordered

  • No additional explanation is needed here.

5. YOLO, abbrev.: (informal) you only live once (expressing the view that one should make the most of the present moment)

  • I only mention this word because it leads me to believe that anything can get turned into a slang-equivalent abbreviation. Can't it?

While vape, binge-watch, cray, SMH and YOLO may be new additions to Oxford Dictionary, I am not sure any will get added into a legal dictionary anytime soon. 

If you are curious like me, check out the complete list of the 2014 contenders

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