Tuesday Tips: Lexis Advance® Improved Ease-of-Use Tools Now Available

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With Lexis® Advance, you can now access improved ease-of-use tools including enhanced alert navigation, cover-page document linking and others. You can also expand your results sets with more flexible search term connectors. Plus you can now select from nearly a dozen new citation format styles.

For more information about the 5 new tools, check out the

1. Lexis Advance® Alerts

    • Navigate LexisNexis® Alert email results faster with jump links included in your email Alerts. These links let you move quickly among results of interest.
    • Save a set-up step. Lexis Advance customers say they prefer to have Alerts delivered to their inbox as well as online. So now the default delivery type on the Alert set-up Delivery tab is email/online. You can still select online only. Review more Lexis Advance Alert basics in this short video.
    • Automatically share your Alert updates with colleagues and clients, by accessing your Alert profile from the Lexis Advance home screen (View all Alerts in the green Alerts pod) or the More top dropdown.


2. Lexis Advance Delivery (download, email and/or print)

    • Investigate further—and get there faster. When you download or email documents, now you can link back to the documents at Lexis Advance from the cover page of your downloaded or emailed document.
    • Prefer single column justify? The delivery for Single Column has changed. In the Content-Specific Options tab for delivery, you can choose either dual or single column option.


    • Select from more fonts (and perhaps save printing supplies). Format your deliveries in Garamond. This font is now available in addition to Time New Roman, Arial, Courier and Verdana. Garamond is thought to use much less ink than other fonts at a similar type size. The General Services Administration lists it as a “toner-efficient” font. Now you can try it and decide for yourself.
    • To get a quick review of other delivery basics, review this short video.


3.  Lexis Advance apps for Apple® iPad® and Apple® iPhone®

    • Lexis Advance screens adapt automatically to most current mobile devices. No apps needed. However, if you prefer apps, you can download iPhone and/or iPad apps at no cost.
    • Now the Apple iPad and iPhone apps are fully compatible with iOS8. Plus the Apple iPad app offers more of the Lexis Advance tools subscribers love. For example, you can:
      • Link directly from primary law on your iPad to more value resources via the About This Document box. For example, link from a current code to archived sections. Link from a case to exclusive LexisNexis® Topic Summaries—and seminal cases, standards of review, etc.
      • Enter a partial citation to a TOC (Table of Contents) source on your iPad—and move to that TOC open to the part or chapter you entered.


4.  Search and Relevance features

    • Highlighting result sets. Not only will search terms in full-text result documents be in bold face, now they will also be highlighted in yellow to speed up your full-text browsing.
    • Use proximity connectors W/s and W/p with greater confidence. If your go-to searches often include “within sentence” or “within paragraph” connectors, note that W/s and W/p have been adjusted. Now the value for W/s is W/25, up from W/15, and W/p is W/75, up from W/50. Your search will reach a little further; your results will often be more inclusive.
    • See total results count—right at the top of content results. Customer feedback says that’s where it should be. So look for the counts at the top of each content result set (but not in the Snapshot view), right above the delivery icons.
    • Need more information on searching with connectors? Here’s a brief how-to-guide and a short video.

5. Select from more citation format styles

    • When you use the Copy with Cite feature, you can select from more style formats.
    • To use the Copy with Cite feature: Highlight the block of full-text copy you wish to use. Select Copy. Choose a format from the pull-down menu, e.g., select ALWD. Click Copy. Now you’re ready to use your browser tools to copy and paste the copy selection, which now includes a pinpoint ALWD citation—and a link back to the full text.

Find out what else you can do on the new Lexis Advance by accessing our inventory of how-to posts on LexTalk. A Basic Overview of What to Expect will point you in the right direction.

Was this information helpful to you? Please let us know if you have other product-related questions that you would like to see represented in future posts.


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