Regulatory changes got you sweating? If so, grab some spare towels for 2015
Posted on 11-20-2014 by Doug Esten

Every year is filled with countless changes, some good and others not so good. This year has not been an exception. 2014 has brought numerous issues to the forefront and not all of them have been solved. In an article via the Corporate Counsel Advisory... Read More

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‘Vape,’ ‘hot mess,’ and ‘cray:’ Or words that you will never find in a legal dictionary … ever!
Posted on 11-20-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

As you may already be aware, the word ‘vape’ was recently chosen as the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year for 2014 (placing the 2013 word ‘selfie’ on the proverbial shelf). While ‘vape’ is a respectable... Read More

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Mom's Facebook post = Inadequate notice to negate dad's parental rights pre-adoption
Posted on 11-19-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Technology-the once “unknown” has become the center of our society and it has been ingrained in the most mundane things of everyday life. It has had its fair share of upsides as well, like launching of Facebook, allowing you to stay in-touch... Read More

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Why Do You Blog? 23 Lawyers Explain Why.
Posted on 11-19-2014 by Travis Burchart

We can find countless blogs on the internet and each has their own story. We may ask ourselves multiple questions when surfing a blog, but rarely do we consider the “puppeteer”, the blogger itself. In an article by LegalProductivity, they... Read More

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Think your legal writing is good? Imagine it being better. 12 worthless words you should drop #writinglegally
Posted on 11-19-2014 by Chad Troyan

Today’s society is always on the go and as a result it has changed the way we write things. Whether you’re a journalist or other profession involving writing you want to make your writing as precise as possible. Why? Because the truth is we... Read More

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Working with Integrated knowledge lines for diversified needs in support of Legal Business
Posted on 11-19-2014 by DCarson

It's a new time in a new age of knowledge strategy where the lines of Legal Knowledge can be used to help on Services, Research and Outreach lines to help on growth in the Economy. Ultimately we are all seeking the lines where we can work with skills... Read More

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Spending the Holidays without your Children
Posted on 11-18-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

If you are recently divorced or still in the midst of the divorce process, this holiday season will likely be the first that your children spend time away from you. Throughout the divorce process, when minor children are involved, the main focus of the... Read More

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Date of Infidelity Doesn't Automatically Set Date of Separation
Posted on 11-18-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

It comes as no big surprise that Katharine McPhee, American Idol finalist and actress in Smash and Scorpion, is divorcing her husband, Nick Cokas after six years of marriage. The couple became estranged about a year ago when McPhee was photographed kissing... Read More

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Sexual discrimination vs. sexual favoritism: The former's illegal, the latter isn’t
Posted on 11-18-2014 by Doug Esten

Favoritism and discrimination are two very similar ideas that favoritism is often mistaken as discrimination. In certain situations, the difference is greater, such as the difference between sexual discrimination vs. sexual favoritism. So what’s... Read More

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Tuesday Tips: Lexis Advance® Improved Ease-of-Use Tools Now Available
Posted on 11-18-2014 by Stacy_Staarmann

With Lexis® Advance, you can now access improved ease-of-use tools including enhanced alert navigation, cover-page document linking and others. You can also expand your results sets with more flexible search term connectors. Plus you can now select... Read More

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Confidentiality & your employee’s LinkedIn contacts: Lessons from a recent case
Posted on 11-17-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Technology continues to consume a great deal of our everyday lives, and businesses have become increasingly more involved in obtaining customer information via social platforms, specifically LinkedIn. However, the nature of LinkedIn customer information... Read More

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Internet addiction as an ADA disability: An alarming or reasonable accommodation? What do you think?
Posted on 11-17-2014 by Christina Alge

The Age of Information has resulted in countess strides to society allowing individuals to explore their personalized needs and simplifying the procedure of making decisions. While this has led to many celebrated achievement, it has also led us to a concerning... Read More

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How a childhood summer vacation sparked a lawyer’s dedicated passion for the environment
Posted on 11-17-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

“It’s funny how you fall into the things in your life.” New York City Council Legislative Attorney Cullen Howe let his interests guide him in his career practicing environmental law. While growing up, Cullen and his family took summer... Read More

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Monday Marvel: Kiss your coffee goodbye – 5 ways to increase productivity sans the java
Posted on 11-17-2014 by Tracie Morris

You wake up and I bet one of the first things you reach for is the coffee pot. Some of us are driven by caffeine; others are lucky and can get through a day without it. This is for all of you people who love your daily cup (or more) of coffee. In an article... Read More

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The Troubles with Patent Inventorship JDSupra
Posted on 11-15-2014 by Hans Thielman

This article by Richard Stobbe offers tips for businesses on what to do when there are co-inventors to a patent. Read More

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9 SEO Metrics and Terms that Law Firms Need to Understand
Posted on 11-14-2014 by Chad Troyan

In today’s digital world, search engines have a greater impact on whether one is successful or not. Search engine sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo hold the power as they rank sites ; the higher you are, the more visible you are to other and greater... Read More

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The age-old question “can I have it all” defined. 9 work-life balance definitions from entrepreneurs who've made their work their lives
Posted on 11-14-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Can we really HAVE it all with all being defined as work / life balance? This question has been pondered and posed by the masses with the advent of smart devices and BYOD. Where does the separation of work stop and personal life begin? An interesting... Read More

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You're good at legal speak, but what about small talk? 10 small talk no-nos
Posted on 11-14-2014 by Tracie Morris

Small talk, a seemingly small task, but a task many find themselves filled with anxiety over. According to an article by WiseBread , they listed 10 things masters of small talk don’t do: 1. They Don't Assume They Are Alone in Their Anxiety... Read More

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Should I Use an Expert to help with my Divorce?
Posted on 11-13-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

It is common in contested divorce cases for one or both parties to hire a family law attorney. Divorce attorneys are experts in the law; however, they are not all necessarily experts in specialized areas that some divorces involve. Throughout San Diego... Read More

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Iggy Azalea Has Never Been Married but Ex-Boyfriend Wants a "Divorce"
Posted on 11-13-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

24 year old rapper, Iggy Azalea , and her former boyfriend, Maurice Williams (akak Hefe Wine) are apparently heading to family law court over an alleged marriage that Azalea apparently knew nothing about. Williams filed for divorce claiming that the couple... Read More

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