How the co-author of Milgrim on Trade Secrets started his career. What are you doing to #BeUnprecedented?
Posted on 11-30-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Forget Legos and comic books. For intellectual property attorney Eric Bensen, legal details have always sparked his interest, even as a child. “I was always interested in the law,” Eric said. “Even as a kid, I used to look for articles... Read More

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6 tips to avoid a dysfunctional family situation & keep your holidays happy
Posted on 11-26-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

The holidays are a time when many families gather to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. But even for the most loving families, all that togetherness can lead to holiday stress and conflict. Suddenly, your “perfect” holiday is... Read More

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Surviving Black Friday: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! [Infographic]
Posted on 11-26-2014 by Christina Alge

Regarded as the ‘busiest shopping day’ of the year and very few experiences in life will prepare you for the iron-man endurance it takes to survive shopping on Black Friday. Mastering the consumer obstacle course that is Black Friday requires... Read More

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Etiquette Tip: How to master the Thanksgiving table setting [Infographic]
Posted on 11-26-2014 by Mary Swank

A properly set table is the first step to an enjoyable Thanksgiving meal. How will you set your table for Thursday – Basic, informal or formal? This Infographic courtesy of Adirondack Authority can help you make your holiday special. Read More

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Save the Turkey (and even the liver)!! Apps to ease Thanksgiving cooking
Posted on 11-25-2014 by Chad Troyan

Santa Clause crosses 7 th Avenue and with that we are transitioned to The National Dog Show. You’re just about to sit down and be consumed by the adorable dogs when all of a sudden you smell smoke… In your lapse of attention you realized... Read More

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Thanksgiving and Christmas Hours
Posted on 11-25-2014 by sarrenea

Is your office open on the day after Thanksgiving? What about the week between Christmas and New Years? Read More

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Black Friday: A Business Boon for Lawyers
Posted on 11-25-2014 by Christina Alge

Looking for some holiday danger? Go out shopping on Black Friday. The once crazy tradition has turned into an unofficial holiday in and of itself. Many workers in the retail business dread working this day as it is the most hectic day they may work. While... Read More

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Lexis Advance® Tuesday Tips: More sources to help you build your expertise
Posted on 11-25-2014 by Sarah Patrick

Like you, we’re always looking for ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently. It’s what drives us. And it’s why when you sign in today, you’ll see we’ve upped our game with even more enhancements to your Lexis... Read More

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Is there a legal case for work-life balance? Fortune
Posted on 11-25-2014 by Hans Thielman

The author of this article is Caroline Fairchild. work-life-balance-legal/ Read More

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Which Spouse Should File for Divorce?
Posted on 11-24-2014 by Jaime Teuchert-Cage

If you and/or your spouse are contemplating divorce , one of the initial considerations is whether you should file for divorce or wait for your spouse to file first. Specifically, is there an advantage or disadvantage to filing for divorce first? In a... Read More

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Making a Major Purchase Before Your Divorce is Final
Posted on 11-24-2014 by Rosanne M. Beach

After 23 years of marriage, Kris Jenner filed for divorce from Bruce Jenner. Sources say that Bruce "celebrated" his upcoming freedom by dropping $50,000 on a new NASCAR-approved UTV race car. Although the Jenners' divorce documents allege... Read More

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4 Types of Law School Exams & the Horrors they Spawn
Posted on 11-24-2014 by Christina Alge

Multiple choice, essay, take home, in-class- there are various forms of exams these days. Depending on the career path you choose, the kind of exams you take (and the frequency you take them) will change. Here are 4 types of exams you’ll find throughout... Read More

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2 worst days of the year to fly (and they're both ever so close)
Posted on 11-24-2014 by Chad Troyan

As turkeys everywhere are running for their lives (literally), many of us have been scouring the web in search for affordable plane tickets so we can spend the holiday with family and other loved ones. So how can you guarantee saving yourself money... Read More

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Turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, oh my! A history of the foods that commemorate Thanksgiving. [Infographic]
Posted on 11-24-2014 by Christina Alge

Can you imagine your plate on Thursday without turkey, stuffing or even some cranberry sauce? I sure can’t. This infographic sparked my curiosity to know more about the delicious history behind the fourth Thursday in November. But I wonder why mashed... Read More

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Best Practices: Five Critical Tasks to Thoroughly Vet Expert Witnesses
Posted on 11-24-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Brought to you by the Real Law Editorial Team Most of the people we now see in movie crowd scenes are not real. They aren’t created with digital special effects, either. In fact, a popular alternative to human extras is to use plastic, inflatable... Read More

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Automation Makes Us Dumb Wall Street Journal.
Posted on 11-22-2014 by Hans Thielman

In this Wall Street Journal essay, Nicholas Carr observes that our reliance on automation, rather than lifting us up, is dumbing us down, even in white collar jobs. Read More

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Neglect law firm marketing during the holidays? Tis the season to publicize your firm. Here's how
Posted on 11-21-2014 by Travis Burchart

Tis the season to be jolly…. Wait, we’re already gearing up for the Holidays?! I haven’t even carved the Turkey yet! Yes. Believe it or not Christmas is only 6 weeks away. The holidays serve as the perfect time for businesses to gain... Read More

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25 Things Skilled Learners Do Differently
Posted on 11-21-2014 by Chad Troyan

We may have been told that we were “unique” by our parents growing up and as we continued to grow up we were constantly met with this idea that we should separate ourselves from other; make ourselves stand out from the crowd. Life filled with... Read More

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Your social media missteps as $$$ damages: You may end up paying big bucks
Posted on 11-21-2014 by Ted Zwayer

Today’s age has brought us information at our fingertips at the snap of our fingers with social media. While this can help us in many cases, you can also be hurt by this if you don’t know how to use it correctly. There a numerous crimes such... Read More

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Are law schools seeing sunshine and blue skies in their future?
Posted on 11-20-2014 by Christina Alge

It sounds as though those in law admissions may be seeing Annie’s “The sun will come out tomorrow” line come to fruition. Since 2010 the number of students taking the LSAT and applying for law school has been in a free fall. A recent... Read More

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