Guys! Gender equality is your issue too. Why it’s important & what men can do

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Close your eyes. Imagine a world where the word “equality” didn’t just represent a goal to strive for, but a life we actually are able to live out. What would it look like? How would it function? Open your eyes. Chances are the world you see in front of you, that you’re surrounded by every day, looks nothing like what you previously pictured.

The truth is equality is a hard thing to achieve if you don’t get up and make an effort to achieve it. Gender inequality is one of many inequalities that run rampant in society and thanks to a former Hogwarts student, Emma Watson, this issue has been brought up to the forefront.

In a speech delivered by the widely-known actress to the United Nations, Watson urged men to get involved in the fight for gender equality. She also announced her HeForShe campaign, which urges men to get involved and speak out against violence and discrimination faced by women and girls around the world.

For those who don’t realize how bad gender equality is, take a second to consider the following:

- 95% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are men

- While 40% of the agriculture labor force around the world is women, only 20% of women in those areas own land

- Violence against women persists, whether at home, on campuses or in the workplace, and it’s routinely ignored

To all men, this is not a battle that the women should be left alone to fight, because gender equality affects men as well, and if we get involved it can affect us in a positive way. In fact, our involvement in this fight would save lives of men as well. According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide is four times higher among men than women. This is due to men believing they are failing to live up to the way society expects them to be. If men get involved we are taking a step toward breaking down those expectations of both genders. The significance of this movement continues to grow as the number of men taking on responsibility of taking care of children continues to increase as well.

So what can we men do to help the cause? The answer is pretty simple. To start, just be willing to acknowledge and understand the gender inequalities that women are facing. Here are some other ways to help out:

- Sponsor women in the work place. People with sponsors are 23% more likely to move up in their career than those without, according to research by the Center for Talent Innovation. However, women are far less likely to have sponsors than men are.

- Keep an open mind. Be willing to listen to the issues women face. Don’t just blow them off.

This isn’t a war to be watched from the sidelines. Instead, show up, and join the women at the table. If we work together we can accomplish more than ever thought possible.


Posted on : 26 Jun 2015 7:54 AM

HeforShe is a good initiative. But the hype was only up to a few days after the speech. We must all support such initiatives and stand-up for each and not just be an audience to all that is happening!

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