6 Signs You Are Working With a Bad Recruiter

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In sports, the team that performs the best usually has the best recruiting class thanks to scouts and recruiters. Like sports, legal recruiters can be good and or bad. So how can you tell if you have a bad legal recruiter? Above The Law helps you in the following article as they list 6 signs that you are working with a bad recruiter. Here are six signs to look out for in your recruiter:

1. Phantom Submissions
Submitting attorneys to firms without telling them is unbelievably a common practice for some recruiters. The main reason behind it is so they can cash in on the “organization clause” in most recruiting contracts. This states that the first firm to submit a hired candidate is owed compensation for that attorney (up to usually 6 months). A good recruiter would never submit its client to a firm without telling them.

2. Shotgun Approach
If you receive a list of firms as wide as a sawed-off shotgun from your recruiter, chances are they are not interested in helping you out. A good recruiter will take into account your chances on being accepted into each place and will apply at enough firms that ensure you have choices between place you would actually want to work at.

3. Your Recruiter might be HAL-9000
If your recruiter sends out mass emails that are not relevant to you they may not be good for you. Not all mass emails are bad, but if you receive an email along the lines of “Dear (your name) I think this would be a great time for you to move, I have a position that would be perfect just for you,” then your recruiter wouldn’t seem to have interest in serving your needs.

4. Long Shot or No Shot
A bad recruiter might say they can get you a placement at some of the top places, but this will likely not the case and you’ll be left with no other choices. A good recruiter will try to get you top placements while also applying to numerous other Am Law 200 firms. The good recruiter will have back-ups prepared.

5. They don’t go to bat for you
If your recruiter rarely answers the phone when you call, doesn’t help you prepare your necessary materials or help you prepare you for interviews, then they’re no good for you. A good recruiter will be there to help you prepare necessary documents, review your resume, keeps track of any meetings or appointments as well helps you prepare for each interview.

6. Buying or Selling
Unlike real estate, there is only one broker in legal recruiting. Make sure your recruiter is keeping your interests in mind. Many bad recruiters will be happy to make any placements, however a good recruiter will make sure there is a good match between you and the firm.

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