Are Stand-up Comedians Better at Knowledge Management than Average Attorneys?

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Organization- a skill some of us obtain and others may lack. When you think of careers where their workers maintain some level of organization, what do you think of? You have librarians, secretaries and teachers. One career you may not be aware of is comedians. In fact, in article by deweybstrategic, they prompt question whether stand-up comedians take knowledge management more seriously than the average lawyer.

They focus in on the late comedian Joan Rivers, whom to many peoples’ surprise, has her jokes well- organized. Her extensive filing system of 30 years of jokes can be seen below in a clip from a documentary called ‘Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work’.

(Please visit the site to view this video)

The author points that despite the advancements in technology that attorneys have access to, they have yet to “‘get’ the dramatic impact that even small amounts of curation effort can have on improving access to ‘their best material.’” He attributes them being “…largely adverse to contributing even the most basic descriptive attributes for documents they may have invested weeks in drafting” to their inability to access their best material at times.

So what do you think about this proposed thought? Do you think it’s a legitimate flaw? Let me know your thoughts.


Posted on : 12 Jun 2015 9:58 AM

Comedians manage their knowledge in a different way. They are very observant and keep mental notes. Comedians have a better organization for flow of thoughts. That makes them more organized and well managed.

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