Tuesday Tips: Crafting a negative news search on Lexis Advance®
Posted on 10-28-2014 by Sarah Patrick

If you are a fan of the Negative News sources at lexis.com , and also a fan of the Lexis Advance interface, here’s how you can bring the two of them together. 1. First, copy the search below and run it on Lexis Advance in the red search box: ... Read More

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Cost-Conscious Legal Departments: More work is staying inside the company
Posted on 10-27-2014 by Ted Zwayer

There is some interesting new data out about how much companies are spending on legal services. It shows that total legal spending is increasing globally, but the rate of increase is slowing. Total legal spending globally edged up 2 percent, according... Read More

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The Anti-Terror Attorney: Andrew Hall’s Life Is a Story of Survival Against Tyranny. What are you doing to #BeUnprecedented?
Posted on 10-27-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

It’s sometimes hard to imagine how much better the world is now compared to before, especially after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. While the military protects us, there are those who look for justice through other avenues. Andrew Hall... Read More

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Labor & employment attorneys: Lexis Practice Advisor® demonstration [Webinar]
Posted on 10-27-2014 by Jae Lee

Staying on top of the latest laws, regulations and decisions impacting Labor & Employment law, and applying them to your work, can be labor intensive. Now Lexis Practice Advisor® Labor & Employment makes it easier to get the job done. The... Read More

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Lexis Advance for Banking & Finance Professionals [Webinar]
Posted on 10-27-2014 by Tami Hubbard

Do you have trouble finding banking agency decisions? Need help aligning internal policies and procedures to the changing regulatory climate? Interested in getting sample transaction documents and practical guidance for customizing them? Would you like... Read More

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Monday Marvel – Social vs. Search: What's best for building your law firm? [Infographic]
Posted on 10-27-2014 by Tracie Morris

Should Law Firms Focus on Social Media or Search Engine Marketing? It is difficult to respond to legal marketing questions with a simple answer. For instance, what source of referral traffic should you care about most, social media or search engines?... Read More

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Best Practices: Six Critical Tasks for Succeeding in Medical Malpractice Cases
Posted on 10-27-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Brought to you by the Real Law Editorial Team Misfortune is a venerable teacher. Whenever an accident or mistake occurs, or someone suffers a defeat, those affected by the outcome may be prompted to ask why it happened and what can be done to avoid... Read More

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What Is The Best Phone For Lawyers: iPhone 6 Plus Or Note 4?
Posted on 10-24-2014 by Chad Troyan

IPhone 6 Plus or the Note 4? Which is better? In an article on AboveTheLaw , they address which phone is better regarding certain aspects such as storage, security, etc. So before you go out and buy one or the other check out the infographic below or... Read More

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Think you're pretty smart? Better check this list of the 10 stupidest things smart people say #writinglegally
Posted on 10-24-2014 by Tracie Morris

Have you ever explained something or told a story, only to later think, wow, I must have sounded like an idiot ? Even the smartest of us fall into some unexpected speech traps, using crutch words that can only harm one's image. Here are the 10 stupidest... Read More

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29 Things You Should Know About Beer, For National American Beer Day [INFOGRAPHIC]
Posted on 10-24-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

October 27 is National American Beer Day (which sort of begs the question, there is a “day” for everything, but I digress)! To celebrate we are (of course) going to drink some beer. Perhaps a craft beer , perhaps a beer cocktail , but definitely... Read More

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The good news about the “under-reported” changes to law school standards via The American Lawyer
Posted on 10-23-2014 by Christina Alge

If you were following the American Bar Association’s deliberations on revising law school accreditation rules this spring and summer, you might have concluded that the "faculty tenure requirement" was all that was being discussed. Unsurprisingly... Read More

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Electronic Recordkeeping: OSHA Manages to Make a Bad Proposal Even Worse
Posted on 10-23-2014 by Melissa Bailey

In November 2013, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proposed regulations requiring employers to submit injury and illness data electronically , rather than maintain paper OSHA Form 300 logs of work-related injuries and illnesses... Read More

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The Rise of Legal Jobs: They’re out there (just in rural America)
Posted on 10-23-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

What is one of the biggest fears students have as they approach graduation – finding their first job. While many law students find there aren’t job opportunities, there actually are, but in rural America. Married couple Cody Cooper and Mary... Read More

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Preventing & Addressing Violence in the Workplace [Webinar]
Posted on 10-22-2014 by Vanessa Lloyd

Two million American workers report that they are victims of workplace violence each year. These astounding figures have impelled regulators to take aim at work environments that lack protections for employees against threats and verbal abuse, physician... Read More

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A simple ask that'd revolutionize legal adversaries: "Can we meet for lunch?"
Posted on 10-22-2014 by Ted Zwayer

“Back in the old days…”- this phrase precedes a comparison of time, usually for the purpose of explaining how much simpler (and to some better) the “old days” really were as opposed to the society we live in today. Many... Read More

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BYOD Expenses: Next Wave of Class Action Law Suits?
Posted on 10-22-2014 by Doug Esten

A new breed of class action lawsuit involving employee use of personal cell phones for work is developing in California and may “go viral.” California is often known as the birthplace of many new trends that eventually spread throughout the... Read More

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New York Weighs Overhaul of Bar Exam via WSJ Law Blog
Posted on 10-21-2014 by Hans Thielman

According to the article, if New York were to adopt the Uniform Bar Examination, it would roughly triple the number of uniform-test takers across the country. The test could be administered as early as 2015. Read the complete article >> Read More

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Lexis Advance: Browse Topics- Find and Search By Legal Topic
Posted on 10-21-2014 by jnewburg14

A) Search for specific topics or browse through the Lexis Advance legal topic hierarchy. Click Browse then select Topics. B) You can search for specific topics. Enter your search words and click Search C) Or browse levels of the legal topic hierarchy... Read More

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Guys! Gender equality is your issue too. Why it’s important & what men can do
Posted on 10-21-2014 by amanda-alge-bales

Close your eyes. Imagine a world where the word “equality” didn’t just represent a goal to strive for, but a life we actually are able to live out. What would it look like? How would it function? Open your eyes. Chances are the world... Read More

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5 zombie traits that illustrate your law firm’s death in social media
Posted on 10-21-2014 by Travis Burchart

Zombies – they’re all the rage, like parachute pants in the ‘80s but not made of slick parachutes and not designed for your legs. Okay, so maybe not like parachute pants. They’re dead and hungry for brains, and … who knew... Read More

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