Ballooning your law firm's clientele by leaping into LinkedIn

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In the age of technology we have seen the growth of social media's presence in each of our daily lives. Some people see this as a problem- they believe people are too "wired". One site that has been highly-valued over the recent years is LinkedIn. This networking website allows you to get in touch with business professionals. Many users may wonder along the line how using LinkedIn can really help you find a job or grow your business? According to a recent article Using LinkedIn to Find a Job – or to Find Clients by the answer may be easier than you think – LinkedIn Groups.

The article revolves around Jonathan, an attorney who found success, which included landing his current job, using LinkedIn. He recommends not only joining relevant groups, but being an active participant in those groups as this can help build an accurate representation of yourself online. He believes his activity shows his value to his current employer as well as any potential employers in the future. Johnathan offered numerous pieces of advice for those who may be looking for a job or just want to learn how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. Below are some tips to take note of:

Job Search

- Having a LinkedIn page makes you look like an adult, making employers less nervous about potentially hiring you

- Don’t worry if you are the only one of your friends that use LinkedIn. You have an advantage in the job search realm over those who don’t have a LinkedIn page.

- The more jobs filled by LinkedIn, the less filled by other mediums such as papers. If you have a LinkedIn page you may see job opportunities that people may not see because they don’t have a page.

Building Relationships and Finding Clients

        - Read news relevant to your specialty. Share and re-post those articles with connection who might find them interesting.

- When interacting in groups, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your knowledge. “Once people view you as someone who knows what they’re talking about in a particular area, they’ll start seeing you as a ‘go to’ person and will come to you when they have questions.”

Getting Results Using LinkedIn For Job Search

1. Make a list of who you want to target on LinkedIn

2. Look for people who write blogs or for publications. Comment on their posts and engage in conversation.

3. Write articles or posts on your own LinkedIn profile that address concerns that your target audience would be interested in. Post these articles to groups to start conversations.

To read more on how to use LinkedIn to find a job or expand your clientele you can read the entire article here.


Rachel Poritz
Rachel Poritz
Posted on : 17 Nov 2014 3:27 PM

I do not have a LinkedIn page.  I like my job and am not job searching so I don't feel like it has that much to offer me in exchange for the time it will take to create and maintain the page.  So many other aspects of my life are online so here is where I draw the line (for now).

Posted on : 3 Mar 2015 1:00 PM

You could also take part in conversations on Linkedin groups and help people with tips on Law. Who knows, you might find your client there!

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