The New Lexis Advance: How-To Browse Sources

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 Do you need help finding a specific document? Browse Sources is a feature that allows you to not only find a specific source, but also allows you to run searches in these sources, save them as favorites, as well as see important details about the sources in question.

1. Begin in the top left Navigation Bar by selecting “Browse” then “Sources.”

Helpful Tip: When browsing sources you have the ability to (a) search for a source; (b) view all sources, or (c) narrow your list using one of the high level filters.

2. To perform a search for a specific source, go to the ‘Search for a Source’ box and begin typing in the name of the source you are interested in. In this instance, assume you are looking for “The Dayton Daily News.”

Helpful Tip: As you begin to type in the name, you will notice that the word wheel is assisting in providing a suggested source. If you select the suggested source it will put “quotation marks” around the name and limit your results to that specific title. If you do not select a suggested source the search will run as a natural language search.

* “Quotation Marks” = A Narrow Set of Results

*  Natural Language Search = A Broad Set of Results


3. Since the user chose to run the search as a natural language search, 2 results appear.

Helpful tip: To view the information for this source, click on the ‘I’ behind each title.


4. By clicking on the source name, “Dayton Daily News,” you are given several options. You have the ability to get documents for this source, add this source as a search filter or create a publication alert.

5. To continue this example ‘Add this source to the search’ and type in the terms “dragons baseball” into the search box. The results that came up mention ‘dragons’ or ‘baseball’ or both. Additionally, the search has been restricted to just the Dayton Daily News.

Helpful Tip: How to make this source a favorite? Clicking on the star located in the left-hand navigation, under the source name.

Helpful Tip: Where are my favorites located? From your Lexis Advance homepage screen, you favorite is listed in the “Favorites” pod. Simply, click on the source name to access this information.


Helpful Tip: Creating favorites reduces the number of clicks necessary to reach your most important sources.

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Explore the new Lexis Advance® for yourself—take the interactive tour. You’re going to LOVE what we’ve done with it.

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