Worried about making the switch to Lexis Advance? Check out the Top 5 Reasons why you should turn your fear into CHEER!

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I am often asked by customers about why they would want to make the change from lexis.com to Lexis Advance. I would like to discuss the top 5 fears about making the switch.

Fear #1: I’m afraid of incurring a large bill for my client – they just don’t want to pay for research like they used to.

  • Fear no more – on Lexis Advance, the days of “big database fees” are over. Not only do you NOT pay for searches, Shepards, refining tools (filters) or document delivery, but you ONLY pay for relevant documents that YOU choose. It’s a win-win for you and your client!

Fear #2: I’ve heard that on Lexis Advance, you have to use Natural Language…..I prefer Boolean Search Logic.

  • Fear no more – on Lexis Advance, you can search the way YOU want – whether it be our patented Natural Language search algorithm, or the Boolean Search Logic that you learned in law school! Lexis Advance is a flexible system and works with you to produce the best search results possible.

Fear #3: It takes too long to learn a whole new platform. There is that saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

  • Fear no more – if you can search the open web to purchase movie tickets or find out the average temperature in Hawaii – you can conduct legal research with ease on Lexis Advance!  On Lexis Advance, there is virtually no learning curve, and no need to learn new search logic, no need to “choose a source or database” and you don’t even have to know proper case citation to pull a case.
  • We have made researching on Lexis Advance as easy as signing in, entering a key term and clicking “search.”  However, if you would prefer formal training, your local Research Consultant can work with you on a date and time that is convenient, and other flexible options are available to you like viewing youtube video, taking a tutorial or just browsing some literature at your convenience.  Explore the possibilities.

Fear #4:  I like “old Lexis” – Lexis.com; why did you have to change? 

  • Fear no more – we hear you, but change doesn’t need to be hard! At Lexis, we listen to our customers and we’ve conducted over 60,000 customer interviews in order to make Lexis Advance the right product for you. From color design to accurate answer sets, we’ve taken the very best from Lexis.com and incorporated it into Lexis Advance to make it easier to get relevant results from leading legal industry sources coupled with cutting-edge online technology that everyone wants and needs.

Fear #5: Do I have to get a whole new id and password for Lexis Advance? It seems like I learned my Lexis.com id and password yesterday.

  • Fear no more – You can keep the SAME id for Advance as you have for Lexis.com, however, for security purposes, you will be sent a new temporary password and can change it to whatever you’d like, just like on Lexis.com!

I hope that I have helped to answer many of your fears about making the switch from lexis.com to Lexis Advance. Please comment below if you have any additional questions.

If you are interested in making the switch, complete the form to contact a sales representative and learn more about Lexis Advance.


Posted on : 6 Aug 2014 8:13 PM

Thanks for these tips.

Rachel Poritz
Rachel Poritz
Posted on : 7 Aug 2014 4:19 PM

I would be interested in a discussion of the differences between Westlaw and Lexis regarding content and pricing.  

Posted on : 8 Aug 2014 9:54 PM

Hi Rachel,

Great question! There are a lot of different pricing options for Lexis Advance such as subscription vs. transactional plans; in plan / out of plan sources and documents; etc. A customer representative will reach out directly to you (early next week) to talk about the pricing options for Lexis Advance, and can also help to identify any additional questions you may have in this regard.

Thanks again for reaching out! -Amanda Bales

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