Thwarting the workplace bully: 5 management tips

Posted on 07-28-2014 by
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Meghan Biro offers some suggestions about how to deal with bullying in the workplace, as well as what management can do to ensure the workplace and digital space does not support a culture of bullying. Her 5 tips include:

1. Collaborate on a mission-values statement that clearly sets forth the corporate culture: This may sound crunchy, but even the exercise will give you a sense of who’s on board and who isn’t – and may save you some time identifying potential trouble spots.

2. Examine your management style: Bullying often starts at the top. Autocratic management style, rigid hierarchies, lack of accountability, passive-aggressive behavior all hide – or enable – bullying.

3. Define ‘bullying’, ‘harassment’ and ‘inappropriate behavior’ in your HR policies: Ensure all employees are trained in what to look for and how to report issues. Don’t forget regular refreshers.

4. Be on the lookout for persistent retention issues: If a lot of people leave one department or group, you have a problem, and it probably involves some kind of harassment or bullying.

5. Take swift corrective action when bullying is revealed: Make it clear bullies aren’t rewarded – in fact, exactly the opposite. Turning a blind eye to a bully will encourage him or her. Take action.

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