4 Tips to Help Dig Yourself Out of the Doghouse on “National Get Out Of The Doghouse Day”

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Have you found yourself in the proverbial doghouse lately either at work or home? Maybe you simply said the wrong thing at the wrong time or need to make amends with someone you've inadvertently hurt. No matter the reason, today is “National Get Out of the Doghouse Day.”

Seriously? Yes, seriously.

This “holiday” was dreamed up in 1999 by Heidi Richards Mooney as a way to promote her retail florist business. According to Heidi, “If Hallmark can create holidays to sell greeting cards, I could create a holiday to sell flowers.”

Thus, the holiday was born and has become synonymous with doing whatever it takes to get things back to normal. What better day to make a commitment to yourself to set some limits and mend a relationship with your employer, significant other or friend who you may not be devoting 100 percent of your concentration to when together.

4 Tips to Help Dig Yourself Out of the Doghouse

1. Disconnect. Most of the time, you can take control of the situation. Set some limits when you’ll handle work issues at home and on vacation. You might be willing to respond to messages until a set time in the evening but then stay away from your devices after that point.

2. Set some realistic work/life balance goals. Figure out what it is you want to be doing but haven’t found time for at this point, and make a list of your personal work/life balance priorities. Maybe it’s making time to attend more of your kids’ field trips or it’s joining a group preparing to run a half-marathon in six months. Determine what you can accomplish with some effort.

3. Ask for help. If your workload seems insurmountable – and you realize you’ll never achieve the work/life balance necessary for job satisfaction with all that’s on your plate – you need to speak up. Managers want their employees to work hard, but they also don’t want them to burn out or become so frustrated they look for another job.

4. Look for ways to be more efficient. Think about how you do your work each day. You may be able to gain some time just by switching around the way you accomplish things. For instance, rather than feeling scattered all day long switching gears from making phone calls, responding to emails, making photocopies and so on, combine tasks. You can also do the same at home.

And, if all else fails, visit your local florist.

The above includes an excerpt from the article 4 Work/Life Balance Tips for the Real World via RHI.com

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