11 Mistakes You Make At Work Every. Single. Day.

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You might think the “perfect employee” works around the clock, constantly checks email and never takes a break or goes on vacation. But it turns out this perception is all wrong. In fact, the most successful people tend to know when to switch off, kick back, and refocus their energy.

So whether you’re angling for a raise, a promotion or just a few kind words from your boss, here are a few common workplace mistakes you should quickly correct. Your employer will appreciate your newfound productivity, and so will you.

1. You’re Getting In Late: A found It has been reported by a recent study that bosses tend to exhibit a “morning bias,” rating employees who get in to work early as more productive and conscientious than employees who get in later -- even if they put in the same number of hours throughout the day.

2. You’re Checking Your Email First Thing In The Morning: Starting your day by responding to 46,966 emails puts you in immediate stress mode, and that will make it harder to focus later on.

3. You’re Emails Are Too Long: Super-successful people generally avoid sending long emails, and so should you. Limit your emails to five sentences or fewer. Just make sure to keep it cheerful, so that you don’t come across as rude.

4. You’re Sitting At Your Desk: Sitting down, rather than standing, isn’t just bad for your health; it could be making you less engaged and creative at work.

5. You’re Trying To Multitask: Chances are, as you’re reading this, you have six other browser windows open, and you're convinced all of them are equally important. And you're making a phone call. And you're eating your lunch.

6. You’re Not Taking Stock Of Your Day: Diaries aren’t just for tweens obsessed with selfies and Justin Bieber; they're for you, too. Taking as little as five minutes each day to jot down what you’ve learned, what went well and what went not-so-well during the workday can help you de-stress, identify solutions to problems and even come up with brilliant ideas that will boost your profile in the workplace.

7. You’re Not Going To Happy Hour: Everyone needs a stress release. For some, that’s an hour-long run at the gym; for others, a pint of cookie-dough ice cream. But for many at the typical workplace, it's a chilled glass of beer at a local watering hole.

8. You Don’t Have A Hobby: Spending mental energy on something that has nothing to do with work -- playing an instrument, knitting, learning to make the perfect burrito or simply unwinding with a book -- can make you more productive when you get back to the office.

9. You're Not Taking Vacation: You may think you’re being conscientious and hardworking when you avoid taking vacation days, but you’re only hurting yourself. Nearly half of Americans reported using less than 25 percent of their allotted vacation time over the past year, according to a recent Glassdoor survey.

10. You Don’t Even Take A Break: Frequent breaks actually makes workers more productive and increases focus, while even taking a short walk during the workday can improve memory and attention by as much as 20 percent, according to a University of Michigan study.

11. You’re Sacrificing Your Health And Your Sleep: After a long day at work, you might not have the energy to head to the gym. You just want to curl up on the couch with some cheese puffs and forget about the day with a Netflix binge. Or maybe you take your work home with you and stay up late, trying to get a head start on the next day. Either way, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

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To be an efficient employee, it is necessary to take care and be in good condition yourself. Regular break from work should help rejuvenate and re-energize yourself!

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