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The end goal of finding shoes and a legal service provider is the same – looking for the perfect fit. Now days, the means of finding that fit is the same too – the internet. The major difference comes when you look at the websites of retailers vs. law firms . . . though retailers have mastered the craft of enticing online customers, law firms haven’t.   

In an article published by the Law Wizard, 7 techniques are described to make the Best Law Firm Website in the World:

 1. Content before design

Though often stressed, it is forgotten that the content that is published is significantly more crucial than the design that surrounds it.

2. Much more than a website

Before constructing a website, law firms must identify their: audience, values, goals, tone and identity. This will pave the way for many steps that follow.

3. Accessibility

The most important items on a landing page are often left out with law firms. It is crucial to make the firm accessible – that means having a Twitter, Facebook and phone number that can all be seen immediately.

4. Validation

The most important item of business: reputation. The website should convince customers that this firm is the safest and the absolute best option. This can primarily be demonstrated with high, positive statistics.  

5. Better, not different?

One aspect that should be seen from one company to the next is the website formatting. It doesn’t vary significantly. This is crucial to understand, since customers know what they are looking for and they should be able to easily navigate through the site.

6. Imagery and video

If the firm wants to add photos and videos, make sure it is done by a professional video marketing agency, otherwise it can hurt the reputation of the firm.  

7. Making it look pretty, and some technical considerations

Make sure the law firm is responsive and prompt to customer requests. The color or style of the website should be determined by the tone and goals that the firm determined from the first couple of steps.  Keep the overall scheme of the website flexible, so that it can easily change, as it will eventually have to. 

In following these tips and making the best law firm website in the world, law firms will see a staff that is proud of their work, a stronger sense of values throughout the work environment, a better pool to recruit from, and a broader audience being reached.

To read the complete article that has been summed up above, click here


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You have choosen a full-proof idea of website design, love it.

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