Managing Employees: What Are Some of the Things Your Employees Want to Know

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You don't want to answer them, but you have to because, if you don’t, you will put your company in jeopardy. According to a recent article The 5 Things Your Employees Are Afraid to Ask You via

  1. "Do you see me as a long-term part of the success of this business?"
  2. "Do I contribute to the culture and environment in a positive way?"
  3. "How valuable is my specific talent to this company and you?"
  4. "What are my weaknesses, as they relate to the company's goals?"
  5. "Can I work from home--or anywhere else I want--as long as I am achieving great results?"

The article goes on to say, “No matter the question, great feedback allows an employee to know exactly where he or she stands and inspires the person to be honest in return. The last thing you want in a new feedback exercise is fluffy, general, and nonspecific support. Instead, actionable, insightful feedback sends a message that this is valued and part of the ongoing culture, which means your team will more easily follow suit.”

The above points lend themselves to some insight about the reasons why employees leave companies: 

  1. Poor Manager
  2. Nonsense Politics
  3. No Voice
  4. No Recognition
  5. Lack of Urgency
  6. Low Salary
  7. No Growth

By addressing some of your employees’ key concerns head on, you avoid the costs associated with high turnover. In addition, getting into the habit of ongoing feedback and facing difficult issues head on, you build a culture of trust, transparency, and great performance.

What business wouldn't benefit from that?

@ValaAfshar provided the above stats about why people leave companies. 


Posted on : 9 Jun 2015 4:54 AM

Its a nice excerpt, but personally, i feel the feedback must not only be great, but honest to the farthest extent. at the same time, room for improvement must be given for each employee and if the points are coming from immediate higher authorities, it will be even meaningful and effective.

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