How Important Is Your GPA To Employers? It has to count for something... right?

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Do grades really matter in the ‘real world’ outside the ivy covered halls of academia? When seeking an answer to that very question, the author of this article How Important Is Your GPA To Employers? via AOL Jobs asked power-house leader Google if a job applicant’s GPA really matters.

The response may surprise you. According to the article, “Google doesn't care about your GPA because there are far more important criteria to consider.”

What are the important criteria to consider?

  1. Learning and processing information on the fly;
  2. Emergent leadership; and,
  3. Creating the best possible solution by fighting for your ideas and having an open mind accept other people’s points of view.

“If you are driven to do something amazing with your life and work for an inspiring company, take your GPA with a grain of salt, and focus on developing the skills and characteristics these companies are looking for.”

It's the way of the future.

Read the complete article via AOL Jobs.


Posted on : 8 Jun 2014 8:10 PM

We haven't looked at GPA for a long time. Law schools are so out of touch that they aren't producing practice ready graduates. Why would grades in irrelevant subjects in a purely academic environment have much bearing on a lawyer's performance in a very different real world environment?

Posted on : 2 Jul 2015 11:56 AM

The problem we face these days is the students graduate with degrees but have no on-job knowledge! Basically, they are not Industry ready. Since there are many factors other than just the academic knowledge, the GPA is not that relevant these days!

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