Tips on balancing family and work needs while working from home during summer

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Today is my son’s last day as a third grader, and my daughter's last day as a pre-schooler. I can finally take that sign of relief knowing any last-minute homework assignment, book report, animal presentation, and final Kindergarten paperwork have been signed, sealed and delivered. Ahhh…

BUT, as with most things, summer break just brings a different balancing act for those who work remotely. Now, virtual employees need to shift their mental focus from the day-to-day school activities and figure out how to balance work when kids invade their office spaces. While my kid's summer plans include an all-day, summer camp which is scheduled during regular business hours, many of my colleagues are dealing with the delicate balancing act of Barbies and Legos invading their office spaces.

For those of you who are also trying to juggle the act of working remotely while your kids are home, an article published via theguardian offers some tips and suggestions.  

  1. Plan and agree your working schedule – Create and agree a working schedule with your family. Decide the hours you will work at home – when you start, when you finish, when you break for lunch. Set those boundaries, explain them to your children and stick to them.
  2. Dress for work – Get dressed for work, even if you aren’t going anywhere. Not only does this put you into a more professional mindset, but it also sends a strong signal to the family that you’re working.
  3. Try some more cost-effective childcare options – Consider doing childcare swaps with other working parents in your area, which is a cost-effective way to get a morning or 2 of free time.
  4. Be an early riser – The early morning is your friend during the summer if it isn’t already. Use the quiet time before the house stirs to get some work done.
  5. Signs for silence – If you need to make calls that require business-like silence, like tying a scarf to the door handle and tell your children they can’t come into the room when the scarf is on the door.
  6. Make time for fun – Schedule some down time too by planning some activities into your week between work and family.
  7. Work when you’re working – Once you have your time chosen to start work, discipline yourself and focus. If you were in an office, you wouldn’t step away to put a load of washing on or quickly do vacuuming.
  8. Long amusements – If you have young children at home when you’re working, ensure they have an activity to keep them amused for a decent stretch of time like a special movie afternoon or a competitive Lego challenge.

And, by the end of the summer, you may be ready to send your kids back and repeatedly replay an old Staples commercial I stumbled upon last night.

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Enjoy summer break! 

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