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According to this article, anyone who is a lawyer can relate to the perennial quest to find work-life balance, but this odyssey becomes compounded when you are also the boss. Even though acquiring all of your business, as well as making sure the legal representation you provide is good, determines whether you may be paying your rent in a given month, you have to decide where you draw the line with your clients.

Gagnier gives two recommendations to 'draw this line' within the article: 

TTYLing with Clients - Use of text messaging is one of the places that we have drawn the line in order to ensure that we retain a degree of separation from our clients and are archiving our conversations and interactions with them in a fashion appropriate to respecting some of the unique ethical obligations of the profession.

Being Reachable Any Time - Even if you are up at 3 a.m. working, I beg of you to avoid my mistakes of answering emails instantaneously.  First, it is exceedingly late, and you are probably not bringing your best game at that time. Second, you’ve got to give yourself some space and make it clear to your clients that you are not always working. You may always be bringing your best when you are “at work,” but you, again, are not on call 24/7.

Boundaries, even little ones if you are just starting out, are important so that you do take some time to recharge. Very tired lawyers become angry ones who tend to make mistakes.

I agree with counselor Gagnier's observation that even if you're working at 3:00 a.m., you shouldn't answer emails instantaneously.

Any other thoughts? 

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