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Tax Law Resources: Lexis Advance® Tax ... A Collection You Can’t Find Anywhere Else [infographic]
Posted on 12-09-2017 by LexisNexis Tax Staff

More trusted tax law sources in one resource. Lexis Advance Tax has so much to offer tax and estate attorneys, accountants, government tax professionals and other tax specialists. Whether you’re handling a corporate reorganization, structuring... Read More

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Antibiotic Resistance: A Looming Public Health Crisis
Posted on 12-09-2017 by Robins Cloud

It's repeatedly asserted that excessive use of antibiotics does not pose any harm for humans. By: Kate Delany of Robins Cloud LLP Antibiotic resistance is a looming public health crisis, one that according to the World Health Organization... Read More

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Top 15 Articles from LexisNexis’ Legal Blog “Lextalk” - 2017: #s 11 – 15
Posted on 12-09-2017 by Lextalk Staff

15. Storytelling: A Powerful Tool for Winning Your Case Storytelling: Master it, and you’ll have the jury hanging on your every word. 14. Legal Films & Attorney Movies: An Oscars Reading List for Movie-Loving Lawyers What are the top... Read More

Top 15 Quotes Shared By LexisNexis - 2017: #s 11 – 15
Posted on 12-09-2017 by Lextalk Staff

15. “If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” - Charles Dickens 14. “I'm sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the Supreme Court]? And I say, 'When there are nine’” - Ruth... Read More

Top 15 Tweets Shared By LexisNexis - 2017: #s 11 – 15
Posted on 12-09-2017 by Lextalk Staff

15. Avoiding adverbial overkill: 2 green light adverbs / 3 red light adverbs https://www.legalwritingpro.com/blog/adverbs-on-trial-innocent-on-two-counts-but-guilty-on-three-more/ via @legalwritingpro 14. University of POTUS: Presidential alma maters... Read More

Ponzi Scheme Roundup: November 2017
Posted on 12-08-2017 by kathy@kathybphelps.com

By Kathy Bazoian Phelps Ponzi Scheme Roundup: October 2017 Below is a summary of the activity reported for November 2017. The reported stories reflect at least 8 new Ponzi schemes worldwide and an average age of approximately 49 for the alleged... Read More

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The Ins & Outs Of EB-5 Admin Fees With Osvaldo ‘Ozzie’ Torres
Posted on 12-08-2017 by Mshahlaw

EB-5 Investment Voice Mona Shah & Associates Global Podcast Series Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on the United States immigrant investor visa, EB-5 and foreign direct investment... Read More

Tags: administrative fees , EB-5 , investment , Immigration

The Latest: Dodd-Frank Rollback
Posted on 12-08-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Bipartisan Changes Move Through Committee Both community banks and big banks stand to benefit from the bipartisan changes currently in the works. The legislation promises to ease Dodd-Frank rules for both types of banks. Bipartisan Legislation... Read More

Tags: banks , Dodd-Frank

Federal Bankruptcy Rule Changes Go Into Effect
Posted on 12-08-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Bankruptcy Rule Changes Shorten Time For Filing Proof Of Claim On December 1, 2017, federal bankruptcy rule changes approved by the United States Supreme Court go into effect. Most of the changes affect consumer bankruptcies, but there are changes... Read More

Tags: proof of claim , bankruptcy

Children: The Blind Spot In Your Estate Plan
Posted on 12-06-2017 by Lextalk Staff

A cautionary tale on planning for the birth of future children. Our sweet, little children. We love ‘em, but in the world of estate planning, they can tear down the house so to speak. Without proper foresight, children can bring big trouble... Read More

Tags: estate , heirs , estate planning , beneficiaries , will

Accessibility In Legal Research: Lexis Advance® & Screen Readers
Posted on 11-29-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Blind lawyers have practiced in all facets of the profession. By Karla Westjohn, J.D., M.A. Introduction Learning Lexis Advance® while using a screen reader provides not only the opportunity to remain fluent with a major legal research... Read More

Tags: legal research , disability , accessibility , blindness , research , blind , screen reader

Holiday Party Liability Prevention Checklist: Best Practices For Employers
Posted on 11-18-2017 by Sarah Patrick

By: Lexis Practice Advisor Team This checklist provides best practices and considerations for private employers when hosting holiday parties for their employees. While there are benefits to holiday parties, such as employee camaraderie and improved... Read More

Tags: labor and employment , human resources , holidays , checklist , holiday party liability

“We Spoke, USCIS Listened”
Posted on 11-17-2017 by Mshahlaw

By Hermione Krumm, Esq. and Sami Haidar - Mona Shah Global USCIS Immigrant Investor Program (IPO) Acting Chief Julia Harrison, Senior Advisor for Economics Jan Lyons and Division Chief of Adjudications Richard Murry met with EB-5 stakeholders twice... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , investment , Immigration

Insider Trading: Equifax Says No
Posted on 11-17-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Board Report Says Execs Unaware of Breach A report from the Equifax board of directors states that none of the four executives who traded shares of the company was aware of the breach, and the trades followed company policy. The board concluded no... Read More

Tags: insider trading , Data Breach

New Associate Newsletter: November 2017
Posted on 11-11-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Beat procrastination, work-life balance tips, grab a chance to work in big law, deal with cranky clients. Stop Putting It Off—Get It Done Today Unless you’re among the 5% of people who don’t procrastinate, you need some motivation... Read More

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The Unlisted Ingredient in Your Honey: The Impact of Pesticides in Bees and Humans
Posted on 11-11-2017 by Robins Cloud

The EPA is reviewing the use of neonicotinoids and proposing bans on spraying them in fields where bees have been brought in to pollinate a crop. By: Heather Williams of Robins Cloud LLP Pesticides. Some say a necessary evil. They help protect... Read More

Tags: food law , food , honey

Tax Reform: Law Firms Excluded
Posted on 11-11-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Professional Services Not Covered By Pass-Through Tax Rate The specifics of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act were recently unveiled to mixed reviews. A provision sure to draw the eye of law firms excludes professional service firms from a capped 25% tax rate... Read More

Tags: tax reform , tax , law firms

Artificial Intelligence Law: Recent Development - Automated Truck Rules
Posted on 11-06-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Trucks Driving Artificial Intelligence Laws The battle over the laws and regs that will govern artificial intelligence has begun. It looks like self-driving cars and trucks will be one of the first battlegrounds covering safety, interstate commerce... Read More

Tags: self-driving cars , AI , artificial intelligence

Ponzi Scheme Roundup: October 2017
Posted on 11-06-2017 by kathy@kathybphelps.com

By Kathy Bazoian Phelps Ponzi Scheme Roundup: October 2017 Below is a summary of the activity reported for October 2017. The reported stories reflect: 4 guilty pleas or convictions in pending cases; over 153 years of newly imposed sentences for... Read More

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Your Legal Writing Resolution ... Write Better Now! Upgrade Your Legal Writing With These 11 Articles
Posted on 10-28-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Legal writing overhaul ... today (don’t wait till January to make that all-important legal writing resolution). Legal writing is the heart and soul of your legal practice. Because the machinery of the law depends on briefs, motions and complaints... Read More

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