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The Constitution: Honoring Constitution Day (Sept. 17th). 9 Articles on the Cornerstone of Our American Republic
Posted on 09-16-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Constitution Day: Celebrating September 17, 1787, the day the Constitutional Convention met for the last time and signed the Constitution. To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the... Read More

Tags: Constitution , Amendment

EB-5 Investment Voice: Using Bitcoin for International Transfers with Des Landen of CrypBrokers
Posted on 09-16-2017 by Lextalk Staff

EB-5 Investment Voice, ( Mona Shah & Associates Podcast Series) USING BITCOIN FOR INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS WITH DES LANDEN OF CRYPBROKERS Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , cryptocurrencies , Bitcoin , investment , international transfers

Weasel Words and Grammar Gaffes: They’re Weakening Your Legal Writing
Posted on 09-16-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

Legal writing disaster: Making a mess with weasel words and grammar gaffes. Weasel words and grammar gaffes kill precision and authority, which are two pillars of good legal writing. If you want to write with precision and authority, you have to... Read More

Tags: legal writing , words , grammar , writing

SEC Suffers One of its First Major Losses in EB-5 Realm
Posted on 09-16-2017 by Lextalk Staff

By Omar Hakim, Esq. of Mona Shah & Associates Earlier this month, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois denied the SEC’s request for a preliminary injunction against Seyed Taher Kameli and entities he controlled... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , SEC , Securities and Exchange Commission

Boolean or not to Boolean: Is that really the question?
Posted on 09-15-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

Artificial intelligence and data-driven: Two phrases that'll push Boolean towards extinction. Two years ago we were asking whether or not Boolean was the dead language of legal research. That’s not really a long time, but in this fast... Read More

Tags: data-driven , data , Boolean , artificial intelligence

EB-5 Investment Voice: Spotlight on the Latin American Market with Manuel Ortiz of Civitas
Posted on 09-14-2017 by Lextalk Staff

EB-5 Investment Voice, ( Mona Shah & Associates Podcast Series) SPOTLIGHT ON THE LATIN AMERICAN MARKET WITH MANUEL ORTIZ OF CIVITAS Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses onthe... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , Latin American , investment , Immigration

EB-5 Investment Voice: Double Feature! Developers Considering & Starting EB-5
Posted on 09-13-2017 by Lextalk Staff

EB-5 Investment Voice, ( Mona Shah & Associates Podcast Series) DOUBLE FEATURE! DEVELOPERS CONSIDERING & STARTING EB-5 Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on and the United... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , investment , real estate , Immigration

Could Sick Leave Reduce Foodborne Illness?
Posted on 08-30-2017 by Robins Cloud

Foodborne illness is primarily linked to restaurant exposure. The majority of restaurant foodborne illness results from sick employees. By: Heather Williams of Robins Cloud LLP We put a lot of trust in the people who prepare and serve our food... Read More

Tags: restaurant , employees , foodborne illness , sick leave

Football, Football, FOOTBALL! (Oh Yeah, and the Law): Kickoff Football Season with These Football + Law Articles
Posted on 08-28-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Football has a lot to say about the law ... practically and constitutionally. Football season is here, and believe it or not, that's a good reason to talk about the law. For those football-loving lawyers who want to talk Top 25 rankings and... Read More

Tags: football , legal writing , NFL , college football , Free Speech

Email: The Silent Killer of Your Legal Success
Posted on 08-26-2017 by Travis Burchart

Email: Assassin of sharp lawyers, destroyer of deep-legal thought. Emails are the lifeblood of your legal practice, right? Like blood cells, emails are critical to your career survival. Lose a pint (of emails) here and there, and you bleed your... Read More

Tags: email , outbox , focus , multitasking

The March on Washington: Has 54 Years Changed America? Civil Rights Articles & Legal Insights
Posted on 08-25-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Civil rights and the law: From the 14th Amendment to the March on Washington (1963) to today’s headlines. Fifty-four years ago, on August 28, 1963, the March on Washington was held in Washington, D.C. It attracted more than 200,000 Americans... Read More

Tags: civil rights , Martin Luther King , March on Washington

Salmonella Papaya Outbreak Expands Again: 173 People Across 21 States Sickened
Posted on 08-24-2017 by Robins Cloud

This Salmonella outbreak has produced three separate recalls, so far. By: Jory D. Lange, Jr. of Robins Cloud LLP The outbreak of Salmonella linked to Papayas has now expanded to 173 confirmed cases. Two more states have been added to the affected... Read More

Tags: Salmonella , food law , food , unsafe food

Lawyer-Moms & Lawyer-Dads: Stay Sane When Your Kids Head Back To School
Posted on 08-24-2017 by Kristin Casler

Work-life balance isn't just a buzzword. It's your back-to-school antidote. Parent-lawyer: It’s a demanding job. And with back-to-school at your doorstep, it just got super demanding. You’ll now find yourself at the bus stop... Read More

Tags: children , back-to-school , father , dad , mother , mom , parent

Law Firm Diversity: A Law360® Snapshot of 2017
Posted on 08-23-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Diversity in the law: The legal industry has again failed to make progress on hiring and promoting minority attorneys. The 2017 Law360® Diversity Snapshot shows that law firms have stagnated in their drive to diversify their attorney workforce... Read More

Tags: diversity , law firm diversity

Law School Students: 1L Prep Boiled Down to a LinkedIn Reply
Posted on 08-18-2017 by Travis Burchart

Law school can raise a lot of questions. If you're a new student or soon to be one, don't be afraid to seek advice. To all the future law students and newbie 1Ls, here’s some important advice: ASK! As part of your law school... Read More

Tags: 1L , Law school , law students

Judging a Book: Kopf Reviews Posner's "Federal Judiciary" | Law360® Expert Analysis series
Posted on 08-17-2017 by Lextalk Staff

"Judge Posner is intellectually challenging as perhaps no legal writer has been since Posner’s cranky older brother Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr."—Judge Richard Kopf This article is the first in an Expert Analysis series of book... Read More

Tags: book , Judge Richard A. Posner , Judge Richard Kopf , book review

EB-5 Investment Voice: Changing Lanes from E-2 to EB-5 with Kamran Kirmani of Nuride
Posted on 08-17-2017 by Lextalk Staff

EB-5 Investment Voice, ( Mona Shah & Associates Podcast Series) CHANGING LANES FROM E-2 TO EB-5 WITH KAMRAN KIRMANI OF NURIDE Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on and the... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , Visa , Immigration

Are You an Authentic Lawyer? 3 Keys to Living Authentically
Posted on 08-17-2017 by Lakeshia Ekeigwe

Authentic is defined as not false or imitation: real; true to one’s own personality or character . By Lakeshia Ekeigwe Twitter / LinkedIn Have you ever wondered if you are living as authentically as you could be? Or better yet, have... Read More

New Associate Newsletter August 2017
Posted on 08-17-2017 by Lextalk Staff

New Associates: Read about relaxed lawyers, making “friends” on social media and being a great leader Why Your LinkedIn® Profile Needs a Refresh Your profile is more than a name and a picture. Get 5 tips to get your profile... Read More

Tags: Associates , graduates , law school graduates , new associates

Law School Warning: Don't Get Left Behind When It Comes To ....
Posted on 08-15-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

66% of litigation attorneys point to writing as an essential skill. The writing is on the wall: To be a great lawyer ... ... you need to be a great writer too. Law School Teaches You Everything You Need To Know To Be Great Lawyer, Right... Read More

Tags: drafting , Lexis® for Microsoft® Office , writing