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Delaware’s LLC Act: Case Law Developments and Updates - Complimentary Webinar / October 24th
Posted on 10-17-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Title: First State Update: 2017 Case Law Developments and Updates to Delaware’s LLC Act Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Duration: 1 hour Register Now LexisNexis®, CSC® and Potter Anderson... Read More

Tags: Delaware Limited Liability Act , Limited Liability Company , Delaware , LLC

CFPB Challenges: Courts Are Opening the Door
Posted on 10-14-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Courts Open The Door to CFPB Challenges The Consumer Financial Protection Board had a rough summer that seems to be continuing into the fall. Several District Courts seem willing to rule on CFPB claims, giving parties more reason to take their business... Read More

Tags: CFPB , Consumer Financial Protection Board

Emotional Life of Lawyers: Stop Ignoring What You Feel!
Posted on 10-14-2017 by Lakeshia Ekeigwe

Emotions matter ... and your emotions will only allow you to ignore them for so long. By Lakeshia Ekeigwe Twitter / LinkedIn I once read that human beings experience everything emotionally first, logically second. We actually feel before... Read More

Tags: female lawyers , women lawyers , emotional life

“A Killer Deal” for EB-5 or a “Deal Killer”?
Posted on 10-14-2017 by Mshahlaw

By Mona Shah, ESQ. & Hermione Krumm, ESQ. Just revealed… the “last, best and final offer” for the EB-5 program from the judiciary leadership of the House and Senate. During the past few weeks, the EB-5 industry stakeholders representing... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , investment , Immigration

Words ... Lawyers Love WORDS! To Celebrate Dictionary Day (Oct. 16th), Here’s a “Wordy” List of Lawyerly Articles
Posted on 10-14-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Words & lawyers: You can’t say one without the other. Words are an integral part of the law. Arguments are built on words. Briefs are built on words. Statutes are built on ... you guessed it, words. As a tip of the hat to the wordiest... Read More

Tags: word , dictionary , words

Women Lawyers: 5 Common Issues They Face
Posted on 10-13-2017 by Lakeshia Ekeigwe

Women lawyers: These are the 5 common issues preventing you from creating a life you love. By Lakeshia Ekeigwe Twitter / LinkedIn Having worked with lawyers for over 30 years, I have had the privilege of getting to know them in ways most people... Read More

Tags: female lawyers , women lawyers

New Associate Newsletter October 2017
Posted on 10-09-2017 by Lextalk Staff

New Associates: Read about h ow leaders start a conversation, email is killing the law, the price of sleep debt, top resume tips. ‘I Need You To … ’ And Other No-No Conversation Starters Successful collaborative leaders get... Read More

Tags: Associates , graduates , law school graduates , new associates

Halloween Parties & Legal Horrors: Ward Off Legal Curses with This List of Office-Party Articles
Posted on 10-08-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Halloween Office Parties Can Easily Turn Into Legal Horror Stories. Stephen King’s It has put the scare in many moviegoers. But the story of a scary clown could’ve been even scarier if there’d been an office-party scene (trust... Read More

Tags: halloween , office party , party , Employment Law

Ponzi Scheme Roundup: September 2017
Posted on 10-08-2017 by kathy@kathybphelps.com

By Kathy Bazoian Phelps PONZI SCHEME ROUNDUP: September 2017 Below is a summary of the activity reported for September 2017. The reported stories reflect: 7 guilty pleas or convictions in pending cases; over 100 years plus one life sentence of... Read More

Tags: Ponzi Scheme

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Are Judges Already Using What You Should Be Using?
Posted on 10-08-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

Artificial intelligence and legal decisions: How to make breakfast your most difficult decision of the day. Bacon or sausage? Blue tie or green? Get up right away, or hit the snooze button? Every day, we make a hundred little decisions... Read More

Tags: Lex Machina , AI , judges , artificial intelligence

Space—The Next Legal Frontier
Posted on 10-08-2017 by Kristin Casler

The Space Treaty is turning 50 years old. Have you heard about the Americans, Russians, Indians and Liberians sharing a habitation pod on Mars? Science fiction? For now. But such a galactic, geo-political arrangement is on the horizon,... Read More

Tags: space treaty , outer space , space law

EB-5 Investment Voice: Legislative Update With IIUSA Featuring Peter Joseph
Posted on 09-30-2017 by Mshahlaw

EB-5 Investment Voice MSA Global ( Mona Shah & Associates Global ) Podcast Series LEGISLATIVE UPDATE WITH IIUSA FEATURING PETER JOSEPH Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , investment , Immigration , IIUSA , Invest in the USA

Supreme Court Is Back! It's a New Term for Your Favorite High Court. 7 Articles/Insights to Put You in the SCOTUS Mood
Posted on 09-30-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Supreme Court term, by statute, begins on the first Monday in October. Supreme Court ... justices ... welcome back! We missed ya! To herald the start of the new term, here's 7 articles/insights to get your Supreme Court motor running. You’re... Read More

Tags: Supreme Court , SCOTUS

Stupid Question Day: There’s Still Room For Smart Legal Questions
Posted on 09-30-2017 by Erin Stonecipher

Legal Research: Smart Questions Lead to Smart Answers “How do I un-bake a cake?” This is a perfect question for “Ask a stupid question day,” which we celebrated last week (September 28th). Now, this started out as a day... Read More

Tags: legal questions , questions , Lexis® Answers

Privacy Rules: The Global Reach of Europe's New Data Protection Regime - GDPR
Posted on 09-30-2017 by Lextalk Staff

The GDPR: Less than a year until its implementation. On May 25, 2018, the EU will implement its first data-protection law in more than two decades. With antitrust-scale fines, clauses that cut to the heart of the digital economy, and an impact on... Read More

Tags: General Data Protection Regulation , Privacy , GDPR , European Union

Rule of Law: As Aristotle said, "Law should govern." Articles & insights into the Rule of Law
Posted on 09-25-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Rule of Law: Every person is subject to the law. The Rule of Law , according to the World Justice Project, is comprised of 4 universal principles: Accountability Just Laws Open Government Accessible & Impartial Dispute Resolution... Read More

Tags: rule of law

Defective M&A Due Diligence: You’re Risking Your Enterprise
Posted on 09-25-2017 by Kristin Casler

Reputational harm. Financial harm. They’re among the things financial services execs dread most. With mergers and acquisitions, the risk for substantial harm is high. Will you know if your target company execs are in cahoots with local officials... Read More

Tags: mergers and acquisitions , Lexis Diligence® , due diligence , M&A

Taking the Ugh out of UX—The Quest for Intuitive Legal Tech
Posted on 09-25-2017 by Sarah Patrick

Ten words ... that’s all it takes to describe a great user experience (UX) when you’re researching something: Find what you want, where you expect to find it. Creating a great UX is the raison d’être for many product developers... Read More

Tags: Lexis Practice Advisor , UX , user experience

The Constitution: Honoring Constitution Day (Sept. 17th). 9 Articles on the Cornerstone of Our American Republic
Posted on 09-16-2017 by Lextalk Staff

Constitution Day: Celebrating September 17, 1787, the day the Constitutional Convention met for the last time and signed the Constitution. To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the... Read More

Tags: Constitution , Amendment

EB-5 Investment Voice: Using Bitcoin for International Transfers with Des Landen of CrypBrokers
Posted on 09-16-2017 by Lextalk Staff

EB-5 Investment Voice, ( Mona Shah & Associates Podcast Series) USING BITCOIN FOR INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS WITH DES LANDEN OF CRYPBROKERS Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , cryptocurrencies , Bitcoin , investment , international transfers