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Paralegals: Carving Out Your Alternative Career Path
Posted on 03-23-2018 by Hannah Barnhorn

Paralegals: Don't be afraid to pursue an alternative career. After law school, I spent nearly a decade directing an ABA approved paralegal program. In that role, I worked with students throughout the program to discuss their career options.... Read More

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Why Increasing Your Marketing Budget Every Year is Critical
Posted on 03-22-2018 by Lextalk Staff

By Matt Starosciak For most attorneys, there is nothing more discouraging than a bad revenue year. It generates lots of negative thoughts, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence. It creates questions such as: Am I still a good attorney? How long will... Read More

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The 9 Alternatives for Regulating Cryptocurrency
Posted on 03-16-2018 by kathy@kathybphelps.com

Cryptocurrency: Should it be considered a currency, a security, or a commodity? By Kathy Bazoian Phelps To regulate or not? That is the question. And there seems to be no consensus. The results of the Cryptocurrency Poll so far reveal a very... Read More

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Blockchain Tech Patents: Is Litigation On The Horizon?
Posted on 03-16-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Blockchain Patents Up 300% Does Blockchain technology fall under the patent eligibility standard set forth in Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. V. CLS Bank Int’l , 134 S. Ct. 2347 (2014)? If so, that hasn’t stopped FinTech and other industries from... Read More

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EB-5 Change Imminent?
Posted on 03-14-2018 by Mshahlaw

By Mona Shah, ESQ. of Mona Shah & Associates Global Will we finally see change in the EB-5 space? Discussions about what the future of EB-5 would entail have abounded for years now, but it seems we finally have some clarity on the state of proposed... Read More

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Ponzi Scheme Roundup: February 2018
Posted on 03-14-2018 by kathy@kathybphelps.com

By Kathy Bazoian Phelps Ponzi Scheme Roundup: February 2018 Below is a summary of the activity reported for February 2018. The reported stories reflect at least 3 new Ponzi schemes worldwide: over 80 years of newly imposed sentences for people... Read More

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Accelerating Legal Tech: If You’re an Advancing Lawyer, You’ll Flourish. If Not ....
Posted on 03-12-2018 by Travis Burchart

As tomorrow’s technology accelerates, yesterday’s lawyer wanes . Many well-trained lawyers are quickly becoming untrained lawyers. “Choice” is one of the culprits ... the choice to not keep pace with ever-changing legal... Read More

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SCOTUS Case: State Tax And Remote Sellers
Posted on 03-11-2018 by Lextalk Staff

States And Feds File Briefs To Tax Remote Sellers Most states, and now the Solicitor General of the United States filed briefs in the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. Supreme Court case. All support the position of upholding the South Dakota law, allowing... Read More

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The Millennial Mindset: Is Your Real Estate Practice Prepared for It?
Posted on 03-11-2018 by Lextalk Staff

The Millennial Effect: As a real estate attorney, are you paying close attention? Millennials ... they’re a growing force in real estate. According to a consumer-housing-trends report from Zillow, half of today’s homeowners are under... Read More

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Quick Tips for the First Meeting with a Prospective Client
Posted on 02-28-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Resist the urge to start working the case right away. By Matt Starosciak , www.thelawyermarketingbook.com The way an attorney views an initial consultation is often very different than the way a prospective client does. And the latter is much more... Read More

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SEC Provides Guidance on Cybersecurity Disclosures
Posted on 02-25-2018 by Lextalk Staff

What’s Your [Client’s] Cybersecurity Plan? On Wednesday February 20, the SEC issued a new guidance covering cybersecurity disclosures. This new interpretive guidance does not offer many SEC policy changes, but does signal an increased focus... Read More

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Artificial Intelligence: Coming To A Law Firm Near You
Posted on 02-25-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Human Attorneys Aren’t Going Anywhere, But Where Will You Fit In With AI Ready or not, artificial intelligence is coming to a law office near you. Unlike other technological advances, AI has the potential to affect a wide range of tasks performed... Read More

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SCOTUS Case Could Eliminate Unified Bars
Posted on 02-11-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Labor Case Reaches Into The Legal Profession The Supreme Court is set to reconsider whether employees can be forced to pay fair share union dues. It is believed the Court will overturn the 1977 ruling in Abood v. Detroit Board of Education with broad... Read More

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Making the Right Choice Between Regional Center and Direct Investment
Posted on 02-11-2018 by Mshahlaw

A Discussion with David Hirson of David Hirson & Partners. EB-5 Investment Voice Mona Shah & Associates Global Podcast Series Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on and... Read More

Tags: EB-5 , investment , Immigration

Tax Attorneys: Your Perfect Storm ... 2018 Tax Season!
Posted on 02-06-2018 by Kristin Casler

Tax attorneys: Master your workload before it masters you. It’s a great time to be a tax attorney. You’re popular because of tax reform. You’re overrun with tax business. And (yawn) you haven’t slept in weeks. ... Read More

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Streaming Services: New Legislation Could Change How Royalties Are Paid
Posted on 02-06-2018 by Lextalk Staff

Music Publishers, Songwriters and Streaming Services Agree With Proposed Change s Bipartisan legislation plus industry agreement usually signals a change on the horizon. This could be the case with the Music Modernization Act. Among other things, the... Read More

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Pro-Bono Services: The Importance
Posted on 02-01-2018 by Lextalk Staff

The Latin term “Pro Bono” translates to “For the good,” and it is time to start bringing good into the communities we live in. By Matthew B. Myers, M.B.A, LexisNexis Pro-Bono Task Force Co-Chair It is sad to say that we... Read More

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Oh No! Not the Avocados!
Posted on 01-31-2018 by Robins Cloud

Fire, ash, winds, and to some extent regulations are responsible for the subsequent disaster to avocado plants. By: Heather Williams of Robins Cloud LLP Guacamole, avocado toast, creamy green sauce! There is no way around it. The beloved avocado... Read More

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With Cross-Training at the USCIS IPO, a New Level of Detail is Necessary in Writing Business Plans for EB-5
Posted on 01-31-2018 by Mshahlaw

A Discussion with the Lucidtext Blogger EB-5 Investment Voice Mona Shah & Associates Global Podcast Series Reported by Hermione Krumm, Esq. EB-5 Investment Voice is the only Podcast series that focuses on and the United States immigrant... Read More

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DOL Agrees With 7 Factor Test
Posted on 01-25-2018 by Lextalk Staff

When Is Your Intern Really An Intern? The Department of Labor decided that the courts have it right when it comes to defining an internship. The “primary beneficiary” test will now be used by the DOL under the FLSA. From Six To Seven... Read More

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